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Envision Brand Success

Envision Brand Success

Who We Are

The Access Group is a premier professional services firm specializing in health care communications, management consulting, and selling solutions in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.


Our mission statement speaks to the heart of what we do as a full-service, integrated health care firm:
We are dedicated to producing strategic brand solutions that drive demand across multiple stakeholder channels throughout your product’s lifecycle. We’re strategic, award-winning thinkers who want to solve the challenges of your brand, from market insight and access to comprehensive advertising and selling solutions to professional education. We produce results that matter.

We are committed to deliver client-focused solutions. Day after day, our clients look to us to solve internal and external challenges. We rise to the top to deliver solutions because we've been there and we know where the road leads.

We are inspired by the work that we do and what we can achieve. Our team of nearly 100 marketers, consultants, medical communicators, and creative professionals has a singular focus in mind when it comes to our work—exceed client expectations each and every time.

We are driven to go the distance and to always seek the brass ring for our clients. Our award wins and industry recognition across managed markets and promotional advertising speak to on-target strategic direction with a creative flair and uncompromised execution.



Promidian is a management consulting firm that is focused on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industries. We combine deep industry and functional area knowledge with specialized expertise in market assessment and strategy development—to assist life sciences executives in addressing their most pressing business challenges.

At Promidian, we work with clients to increase value across the product lifecycle, including compounds that are in development, prelaunch and launch products, in-line brands, and brands that are facing loss of exclusivity. We also help clients understand and address the strategic, tactical, and operational implications of the rapidly evolving—and increasingly complex—market dynamics facing pharmaceutical and biotech companies today.

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Key Contact

Kevin Barnett, Partner

Navigating today’s shifting health care landscape is complicated. Policies and customers are changing rapidly, with emerging models of care at the forefront of this transformation. Now more than ever, it is vitally important to partner with an agency that specializes in managed markets, understands reimbursement cost and coverage dynamics, and embraces the way that payer stakeholders think.

FronTier Managed Markets, based on the East Coast, is a trailblazer in the industry. As a preferred managed markets agency in the United States, FronTier Managed Markets brings a significant breadth of experience and deep understanding of the stakeholders that matter, from health plan medical directors to provider networks. We are highly qualified to help marketers optimize the performance of their business in this new landscape.

Contact us to learn how to FronTier Managed Markets can work for your brand today.

Key Contact

Seth Gordon, Managing Partner, 908-508-6711

Located in Chicago, Catalyst Medical Communications specializes in developing cutting-edge marketing solutions for the managed markets arena. We provide comprehensive initiatives and programs for internal and external audiences that address all aspects of managed care, including formulary access, pull-through, push-through, and reimbursement. Our core capabilities encompass advocate development, consumer and physician education, promotional programs, and sales training communications.

Key Contact

Eric Bishea, Managing Partner, 630-334-6987

An Extraordinary Time of Transformation

The health care industry is in the midst of a revolution of therapeutic advances in biotechnology and oncology. Never before have we seen such promising treatments enter the marketplace with such unbridled excitement and anticipation, yet face so many challenges. From specialty drug administration to restrictive access through clinical pathways or formularies, today’s biotechnology and oncology products need proven strategic support in managed markets channels more than ever.

Who We Are

Bioeclipse is a premier biopharma communications agency specializing in the oncology and biotechnology markets that innovatively tackles the access and reimbursement challenges of today, with insight into the market landscape of tomorrow.

Preparing for Tomorrow’s Market Successes Today

Manufacturers of late-stage oncolytics and in-development biologics require strategic insight and expertise to prepare for market launch so that they can optimize access and reimbursement. We are committed to delivering innovative, customer-centric, results-driven solutions that support all payer customer channels for our clients.

Transforming Market Access

Experience truly does matter in the specialty and oncology spaces. Our experience-based Bioeclipse teams have played pivotal roles in the launches of some of the most recent drug superstars. We feel proud and privileged to have partnered with our clients to bring drugs to market that have transformed their therapeutic categories.

Why We’re Passionate

The treatments reaching the market today are new and novel agents in areas of vast unmet need, poised to treat—or nearly cure—diseases ranging from the very rare to the most life-threatening. Being part of this incredible transformation inspires us to

  • be thought-provoking and forward-thinking
  • exceed expectations, and
  • deliver innovative solutions with proven results

Learn how Bioeclipse can help you today. Talk to Mike Webster at 908-310-4499, or e-mail him at

Based in San Diego, California, MedAccess is a full-service promotional advertising and medical communications agency specializing in the development of customized marketing solutions that provide proven results for our clients.

The highly talented creative and client services teams at MedAccess are the heart and soul of this knowledge-based, client-oriented organization, sharing a laser-focused dedication to initiating effective brand plans, conducting strategic market analysis, and creating impactful promotional branding.

With industry honors ranging from The Rx Club to the MM&M Awards and the Mannys, MedAccess develops and executes relevant, differentiated, and innovative brand strategies, medical communications platforms, and creative ad campaigns for clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and physician-dispensed product categories.

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Key Contact

Leana Wood, Partner, 323-359-3516

Strategic Selling Solutions – S3 is a full-service training partner offering performance-based learning solutions to address the managed markets business acumen needs of our pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device clients. Our strategic instructional design process and strict adherence to adult learning principles help the nation’s top health care company executives, leadership, front-line management, and customer-facing representatives drive desired results and achieve success in an increasingly complex, competitive, and ever-changing health care environment. S3 delivers a complete portfolio of learning consulting services and sales training programs to advance excellence within each stakeholder channel.

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Key Contact

Bryan Horveath, Executive Vice President, Practice Lead S3

Government Policy Systems

We deliver expert insight and content regarding health care government, policy, and systems issues through unparalleled access to relevant industry experts, databases, and research facilities.

Changing Health Care Environment Impacts Payers, Providers, and Institutions

The Government Policy Systems (GPS) team understands the interconnectivity of the drivers of health care change and can focus on the areas that will influence the ways in which payers structure insurance plans, and in which providers and institutions—including long-term care—manage patient care. We develop impactful programs to address our clients’ issues relevant to market access, change, government, and policy, from the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) to payment reform to emerging models of care.

The Growth of the Long-term Care (LTC) Market

In addition, our GPS experts develop innovative campaigns for our pharma client partners who provide therapies to the LTC market. This is a significant market, with $16.2 billion in prescription medications used in 2011. Currently, there are 9 million patients in LTC, which is projected to increase to 12 million patients by 2020, representing substantial growth and opportunities for the pharmaceutical market. GPS is at the forefront of creating LTC initiatives that will maximize your brand’s potential and competitive edge in this unique and growing market segment.

Let us show you how our experience and acumen make GPS uniquely positioned to help your brand navigate the complexities of today’s government health care policy and systems.

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Key Contact

Richard Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD

StrataMed is a medical education company that partners with accredited providers to develop scientifically rigorous continuing medical education (CME) programs for physicians and allied health professionals. As a leader in the delivery of independent, fair, and balanced CME activities, we utilize the latest technologies and information to design and execute high-quality, medically relevant programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of medical professionals. All of our CME activities are planned and implemented in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

Key Contact

George Brown, PhD, Vice President, Managing Director


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We create, think, learn, connect, produce, and advance—all to enhance the promotional, managed markets, and medical education needs of our clients. If you’re interested in building momentum and driving results with us, click here to see which career opportunities are available across the United States.

The Access Group is committed to our employees. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. The Access Group fosters a diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

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